Public Art, Friendship

Concept, History, and Process:

FRIENDSHIP IN HARD TIMES was a community interactive art installation project, which opened in June 2010 at the University of New England’s Annual Sculpture Garden Show.

Friendship is like a flower in the winter. Seasons pass and your friendship might wilt … But in the end they’ll always come back again.


…a friend is someone you can always count on, to be there for you when you fall and stand up for you when someone teases you, and to, most importantly, be someone to turn to…
…Even when friends fight, you can count on them not to hold it over you.

…a friend is someone who encourages me to be challenged, someone who makes me laugh.


Friends help you get through all the bumps, twists and bends.


A friend is incredible at keeping secrets.

Good friends look after each other, care for each other and play with each other.


A good friend is honest and will help you through rough times…I feel safe telling her my secrets and she is safe telling me hers.

  • How to Make a Friendship SCARF
  • First, you take the Kind cloth;
  • then soak it in the you-can-disagree-but-not-fight water.
  • Take the Fair thread, and weave it through the Kind cloth.
  • Put the Kind cloth in an already-knit scarf of stay-togetherness yarn.
  • Now, your scarf will be strong with the Kind cloth woven with Fair thread.
  • plus the you-can-disagree-but-not-fight water.
  • It will be SUPER soft with the Stay-togetherness thread.
  • The End
  • By P.H.


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